Steel Nails Specialist

We are offering excellent quality range of Steel Nails including the hardened steel nails for concrete, exclusively manufactured using high-quality metal

Why Marabu Nails?

Certified Quality with almost 25 years of presence in the business, we have shipped and delivered our products to numerous customers worldwide. Major steel wire suppliers in the country such as Krakatau Steel, Ispatindo, Master Steel to name a few.


Our Partners

We also have the convenience of partnership with major steel wire suppliers in the country


Menjadi industri paku yang handal


  • Menghasilkan produk paku berkualitas
  • Proses industri yang efektif dan efisien
  • Mampu bersaing di pasaran
  • Memberdayakan sumber daya manusia agar berproduktifitas tinggi
  • Memberikan manfaat kesejahteraan bagi para stake holder perusahaan


  • Komitmen
  • Loyalitas
  • Disiplin
  • Kerjasama